• Add new products to the system (indicating product details,order levels,units,etc)
• Restock products from time to time
• Reconcile stock (periodically done during stock taking process)
• Make reports on stock entered between specific periods of time
• Get notifications when products are running out of stock
• Automatically display stock value of the whole business
• Returned stock management
• Expired products management

• Make purchases (products stocking and restocking) from suppliers
• Pay in instalments (credit) or pay at once
• Make reports of purchases made between specific period of time
• Pay creditors who supplied products on credit
• Make reports of unpaid creditors
• Make reports on creditors who have been paid between specific period of time

• Receive customers orders fast
• Easily track waiter who brought in the order
• Make reports on sales made between specific period of time
• Make reports on sales made by specific cashiers,waiters between specific period of time

• Record details of suppliers
• Edit/delete suppliers
• Set credit limit each supplier can advance your business

• Add new system users
• Edit,suspend system users
• Add new staff members waiters,cashiers,etc
• View staff members ,edit,suspend,delete

• Add expenses made with clear expense categories
• View expenses made between specific periods of time
• Track who made specific expenses
• Make weekly,monthly and annual expense reports

Another great feature of POS Cream is the ability to manage multiple business branches at one end. This feature helps you to create branches, assign staff to them , stock individual branches, generate individual branch reports, and many others

• Graphical and tabular analysis of product demands
• Graphical summaries of sales over a long period of time
• Graphical & tabular reporting on sales made by all cashiers, waiters
• Graphical and tabular reporting on sales made by specific cashier or waiter
• Graphical and tabular reporting of profits made by business on each product

Poscream helps you keep track of all expenses in the entire business. With ability to set expense limits, the system can notify you when the expenses have been exceeded and calls for your action. You will love this feature.

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poscream is a point of sales software used by many business which include shops, pharmacies and drugshops, supermarket, hardware, hotels, bars and many others